Personal testimonials from several of Susan's patients.

"Susan is a healer. Susan listens to both your words and your body, and then designs a comprehensive path for recovery. Susan's methodology is grounded in proven medical and spiritual connectivity that works. She encourages a dialogue and structures a timeline for sustained and balanced health. Susan's therapy cleared my chronic pain. I wholeheartedly recommend her."-Julia F-R"


"Susan is much more than a skilled acupuncturist. In addition to helping me with preparation for surgery and post-surgical healing, she has been a coach, a valuable resource, and has provided continuing support on my journey to holistic good health"-Barbara

 "I have been an acupuncturist for 25 years and I myself see Susan for my own acupuncture needs. Her clear vision, patience, and quiet wisdom always manage to get beneath my defenses and around any blind spots I may have. Her treatments nourish me at the soul level and help me navigate life's challenges with compassion and an open heart."-Mary

“ I’ve had the pleasure of having acupuncture with Susan for 2 weeks and the results have been life changing. As a diagnosed sever insomniac for over 40 years, I have tried prescription meds, natural methods, yoga, exercise and even a sleep specialist, with no satisfaction. Hot flashes have played a significant role. After 3 sessions I’m sleeping better, less anxious and behold, I have gone from 8 to 10 hot flashes per night to zero. My only regret is that my doctor didn’t suggest Susan and acupuncture sooner.”-Lori

"Acupuncture with Susan gives me an opportunity to feel balanced, open, and free."- Marty

 "I have known Susan for fourteen years. I had just lost my mother and was looking for some type of alternative treatment to deal with massive weight loss and the grief from my mother's death. Since the time Susan and I have known each other she has treated me for pain, depression, seasonal affective disorder and a host of many other health/personal issues. Most recently Susan has guided me through the lengthy illness and ultimate death of my husband of 38 years.

Acupuncture is the centering point for me. No matter what state I arrive at Susan's office, she works her magic and  sends me on my way ready to face what lies ahead until the next visit. I am convinced my health has had a significant positive impact, as the result of Susan's acupuncture treatments.

Susan's guidance and words of wisdom have made me a healthier person on so many levels. I am happy to share that I recently reached a goal of 100 pounds of weight loss. I am convinced it never would have happened without Susan's recommendations, books to read, diet suggestions, constant support, friendship and persistence. I must reiterate, Susan does not only treat for weight loss. Her treatments are multifaceted and the culmination of all that work has been a huge success for me.

I will never be able to return the amount of sincere generosity Susan has shared with me. Acupuncture will always be a part of my life."-Jennifer

 "My path to acupuncture was one out of desperation. I have suffered lifelong with depression but the most recent bout had particularly crippled me with pain, misery and dysfunction.  My old meds were ineffective; my new meds were making me ill. I resisted seeking counseling as previous encounters had been more than unfulfilling.  Only by happenstance did I stumble upon Susan's phone number.  With seemingly nowhere else to turn for help I made the call and scheduled an appointment.  It has become one of the best calls of my life.

On the first visit I immediately felt safe and under care: Susan's communicative style evoked my complete trust with her. Susan's skill in paraphrasing far surpasses any professional I have encountered to date. My feelings are not belittled; my words are not spun--she hears me, she gets it.  She coaches by suggestion, is consistent and firm, yet never threatening.  Should a discussion become uncomfortable, we stop. 

The treatments themselves are not unpleasant. The benefit is immediate.  Everything that Susan said would happen did happen.  Acupuncture is saving me and I encourage others to give it a try."-Bill S.


"My first visit to Susan was in January 1989.  It was suggested to me by my therapist that I see her to help with the severe depression I was experiencing.  At that time I had stopped drinking and smoking and was embarking on a new life for which I had no understanding.  I was endlessly confused.  Susan was a lifesaver for me and has continued to be for the past 25 years.  After several months of treatment, my depression lifted and I began to have hope.  

Susan’s treatments feel like miraculous events.  I enter her treatment room feeling any number of emotions from grief to numbness.  I leave every time with a feeling of wellbeing, hopefulness and joy.  A few well-placed needles and I am a different woman.  Susan is compassionate, understanding and brilliant in her diagnosis.  I always feel as if I’m in the presence of a woman in touch with her intuition and heart.  I continue to see Susan for preventive treatment and for the restoration and buoying of my spirit.  She’s been my most consistent and trusted confidant when it comes to the health of my mind and spirit."-Joy


"I cannot say enough about how much I value Susan. Her skill and knowledge as an acupuncturist, coupled with her sure, steady quality of compassionate presence as a human being, are a deeply healing combination and create a foundation of encouragement for body, mind and spirit. Her work with me has brought a long awaited shift in both my healing and my understanding and I am most grateful."-Nan


"I highly recommend Susan for anyone seeking relief from emotional and physical pain. She knows how to get results! I was recommended to her by a health professional several years ago when I was dealing with grief issues. I had lost my spark and vitality. I was on "automatic pilot" without a sense of laughter or lightness and was suffering from malaise and general apathy. She recommended 6 treatments and after the first one I began to feel a renewal of energy. Continuing with the treatment I felt like myself again, in balance and able to cope with life stressors and feel more joy. A few years later I returned with similar symptoms and again after 1 or 2 visits began feeling more resilient. I am grateful to Susan and highly recommend her. She is skillful, compassionate, knowledgable and grounded in a practice that has been proven in efficacy throughout thousands of years."- KJD